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Salads - Food
Bricco West (Cafe)

Half Wedge Salad


Course:Out First With Entree
Proteins:Add Blackened Chicken +$6Add Crispy Chicken +$6Add Grilled Chicken +$6Add Blackened Salmon +$9Add Blackened Shrimp +$6Add Strip +$24Add Salmon +$9Add Scallops +$15Add Shrimp +$6
Wedge Salad Mods:Blue Cheese on Side Egg on Side No Blue Cheese No Egg No Bacon No Tomato No White French Bacon on Side Tomato on Side White French on Side Chopped sub goat cheese sub mozzarella cheese sub cheddar cheese
Dressing Subs:Caesar Dressing +$0.50Honey Mustard Vin +$0.50Italian Dressing +$0.50Peppercorn Ranch +$0.50White French +$0.50White Balsamic +$0.50